Flat Bleed Retro Frame

Features & Benefits

The Flat Bleed Retro Frame is designed to fit over an existing sign or support structure. It will tension any size flexible face or banner material. The Tension
Clips are easy to use and are re-useable. Eliminates hemming, grommets and double faced tape.

Answers to FAQ’s

  • Accepts flexible face material.
  • Face material trim size – Add 3” of fabric to all four sides.
  • Tension Clip placement – Tension Clips are placed approximately 1-1/2”from the edge of the trimmed to size face material.
  • Tension Clip spacing – Every 5” on center.
  • The Tension Tool allows for easy and controlled tensioning force.
  • Frame Support Tube and Frame Braces may be required if the existing sign or structure is not strong enough to support the tension and wind loads.